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Verity by Phylicia Masonheimer

Mar 29, 2023

In this episode Phylicia looks at the three primary doctrinal stances on assurance of salvation, the primary texts regarding our eternal security, and then walks listeners through HOW to walk in true confidence that you are saved rather than doubt and chaos. Passages: John 3, 1 John 5, 1 John 1:9, John 15:8

Mar 22, 2023

Struggle with prayer?

This episode is for you! Phylicia shares ten practical ways we can integrate prayer into our daily lives. She also discusses the need to pray specifically and why prayer is not a formula to move God's hand.



  • 1 Thess. 5:16-18
  • Romans 8:26
  • Phil. 4

Mar 15, 2023

In this short episode, Phy discusses how to customize bible study to your unique learning style and find ways to make the Word a priority for your personality.

More on this topic can be found in Ep. 93: How to Succeed at a Bible Reading Plan.



Learning Style...

Mar 10, 2023

This bonus episode may sound a little different because it is a conversation that Phylicia had with Matthew Jacobson live on Instagram.

To watch this interview (and others) head over to Phylicia's instagram channel: @PhyliciaMasonheimer

Can I Really Say No to Sin? // The Every Woman a Theologian LAUNCH Series talks...

Mar 8, 2023

In this episode Phylicia discusses Leviticus 19:28 and how to interpret tough passages in Leviticus in light of today's culture. You can watch the video breakdown of this topic on her Instagram highlight, Leviticus, and grab the book Every Woman a Theologian on Christianbook, Amazon, or Target!