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Verity by Phylicia Masonheimer

Dec 2, 2020

In this final episode of the Women's Issues series we wrap up with a question and answer you sent in from Instagram. We discuss head coverings, epidurals, gender-specific emotions, and whether or not to leave a church over its view of women. Show notes for all episodes are on the blog.

Nov 25, 2020

Don't cause a brother to stumble. It's a message most of us heard, at least if we grew up in purity culture. But is this what Scripture teaches about modesty? Is it just about sex and helping men stay pure? This episode delves into the issue of the "weaker brother", modesty as humility, and honoring the imago dei...

Nov 18, 2020

This episode talks about women and work: what does Scripture say about work in and outside of the home? Is it okay for a woman to work? What cultural influences color our perspective on this topic? We get a glimpse of how Victorian culture sparked the early feminist movement and how that carries over to the church today.

Nov 11, 2020

Should a Christian woman call herself a feminist? Does Scripture support the feminism we see today? This episode talks about the nuanced issue of feminism, whether Jesus was a feminist, and whether or not we can admire the work of modern day feminist icons. Show notes and links on the blog at 

Nov 4, 2020

What role can women play in the body of Christ? This is a topic of much debate in the church today. This episode breaks down some of the hard passages on women's authority, leadership and speaking. Also covered is the difference between OT and NT prophecy and how theology on spiritual gifts impacts female leadership in...