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Verity by Phylicia Masonheimer

Oct 28, 2020

In this episode we discuss the hot topics of marriage for women: Complementarian versus egalitarian, what submission really is, if women are more “easily deceived”, and more. 

Oct 21, 2020

Is singleness a second class status? Why does the church treat singles like they're in a holding pattern? What does the Bible say about sexual desire, masturbation, and the value of unmarried life? We delve into all these questions and more in this episode of the Women's Issues series.
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Oct 14, 2020

In this episode we dive into the mommy wars: the toxic culture surrounding motherhood and its decisions. Specifically, this episode deals with asceticism and our view of suffering in motherhood. How does God sustain us in this season? Why do we act as if certain decisions are "holier" than others? Audio taken from IGTV...

Oct 7, 2020

In this episode of our women’s issues series, we talk about the Scriptural approach to breastfeeding, but more so, how the gospel dismantles the mommy wars over this sensitive and often shame-filled issue. This topic is explored further in the Motherhood episode coming next.